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Working with Dyslexie Font is simple and straightforward. Once you download and install Dyslexie Font on your computer, you can use it just like any other typeface in all your local programs, such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Outlook Mail, Adobe programs or any text editor. Anywhere you can select a typeface, you can choose Dyslexie.

We also provide manuals to help you set Dyslexie Font as the default typeface in various programs, including Mail, Outlook, Word, and Firefox, so you don't have to select it every time.

This website is in Dyslexie Font


The typeface will be delivered as TTF files, the TrueType Font industry-standard font file format. The Dyslexie font family includes Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic styles.

Computer: When Dyslexie Font is placed in the font folder of Apple or Windows computers, it seamlessly integrates with all local running programs. Like Microsoft Word and the Office programs and Adobe programs. If you can select a typeface you can select Dyslexie.

Mobile: Using Dyslexie Font on tablets or phones may not yield the same effect as on a regular computer. This is because most apps have their own built-in typefaces and do not load fonts from the device's font folder. Even with apps like Any Font, the Dyslexie Font may not appear in many places. Therefore, we do not advise attempting to use Dyslexie Font on mobile devices.

Ereader: You can add Dyslexie Font to Ereaders if they support custom fonts in their operating system. Ensure to have Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic font styles for to make it work.

Chromebook: Using Dyslexie Font on a Chromebook is not possible due to limitations set by Google. Chromebooks are primarily designed to work online, restricting access to local font folders.

Our advice is to go for the Dyslexia Workspace and Chrome Extension

Google Workspace: Google Workspace, including Google Docs, does not support the addition of custom typefaces. Despite efforts to create extensions or implement Dyslexie Font, Google's restrictions prevent such modifications. Google Docs operates as a program running on Google's servers, lacking the capability to integrate external fonts.

Our advice is to go for the Dyslexia Workspace


For home users, education, and businesses, we offer a lifetime license option with a one-time fee. Education institutions also have the choice of a yearly subscription if preferred.

For publishers and developers, our pricing structure is based on project size, ensuring affordability for all. This ensures you get the right font file format tailored to your project's technical requirements.


We offer both Dyslexie Font and Dyslexie Kids. Dyslexie Kids features a modified lowercase 'a' and 'q' preferred by children below 8 years old. When you order, you can download and install both fonts sets on your computer. While working, you can seamlessly switch between Dyslexie Font and Dyslexie Kids as they appear in the typeface list.

Image comparing Dyslexie Font and Dyslexie Kids, with a focus on the difference in the lowercase letter "a," depicted prominently below the names of the fonts.
Image depicting an iPhone screen with borders, alongside measurements, two block colors, and lines of text.


With 15 years of expertise in text layout, we offer valuable advice on creating dyslexia-friendly legible text layout.

We share our insights with publishers, website builders, news outlets, dyslexia organizations, and government applications, emphasizing the importance of accessible text layout and communication flow.

Make your message universally accessible – let us guide you in creating content that everyone can easily comprehend.


Icon representing the Dyslexie Font Chrome Extension, available on both computers and Chromebooks.

Read websites in Dyslexie Font with our Chrome Extension. Customizing font size, color, spacing, and interline options. And the immersive reader to get only the text you want to read without disctraction.

The Chrome Extension, compatible with Chrome and Edge Browser. The extension is not compatible to Google Docs.


Icon representing Dyslexie Font availability on both Windows and Apple computers.

Download Dyslexie Font files for your Windows or Apple computer, seamlessly integrating them into your local programs like Microsoft Office (Word), text editors, Adobe programs, Outlook, or Mail.


Icon representing Dyslexie Workspace availability across various devices, including Windows and Apple computers, Chromebooks, and tablets.

The Dyslexia Workspace, tailor-made for Chromebooks and tablets. Sign in within the browser to access programs Document, Spreadsheet, and Presenter online, the typeface is within the programs. The Chrome Extension is included with the Dyslexia Workspace, for online reading.