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As most reading now takes place online in the browser, it's crucial to have Dyslexie Font readily available within it. Our Chrome Extension is also compatible with the Edge browser.

This website is in Dyslexie Font


We've carefully considered the most effective ways to tailor the text to your personal needs, offering options not only for size and spacing but also for interline adjustments, which significantly enhance text navigation and readability.

The Chrome Extension features an immersive reader that allows you to focus without distraction on the text, with the option to adjust column width also.

Free Version has only the typeface function but that is certainly a good way to start.

Screenshot of the Dyslexie Chrome Extension interface in 2024, displaying the typeface menu.
Screenshot of the Dyslexie Chrome Extension interface in 2024, featuring a drag-and-drop form filler menu.


We're excited to announce a new addition to the Dyslexie Font Chrome Extension: the FORM feature. Recognizing that many dyslexics struggle with filling in forms, we've devised a solution to streamline the process. With FORM, you can simply drag and drop all necessary information directly into the form.

No more tedious searches for infrequently used numbers or email address typos. Once you've filled in the form once, you can effortlessly drag and drop everything in subsequent uses. Say goodbye to unnecessary computer searches and frustrating typos. At Dyslexie Font, we understand dyslexics because we are dyslexics.

And for your privacy, rest assured that all data is saved locally.


We offer both Dyslexie Font and Dyslexie Kids. Dyslexie Kids features a modified lowercase 'a' and 'q' preferred by children below 8 years old. When you order, you can download and install both fonts sets on your computer. While working, you can seamlessly switch between Dyslexie Font and Dyslexie Kids as they appear in the typeface list.

Image comparing Dyslexie Font and Dyslexie Kids, with a focus on the difference in the lowercase letter "a," depicted prominently below the names of the fonts.


The Chrome Extension lets you read any website in Dyslexie Font. You can adjust the font settings like size spacing interline and color and use the immersive reader for a distraction-free reading experience. Works with Chrome and Edge browser.

Try it for free with the typeface only or get the full version for only 12 dollar a year.


Icon representing the Dyslexie Font Chrome Extension, available on both computers and Chromebooks.

Read websites in Dyslexie Font with our Chrome Extension. Customizing font size, color, spacing, and interline options. And the immersive reader to get only the text you want to read without disctraction.

The Chrome Extension, compatible with Chrome and Edge Browser. The extension is not compatible to Google Docs.


Icon representing Dyslexie Font availability on both Windows and Apple computers.

Download Dyslexie Font files for your Windows or Apple computer, seamlessly integrating them into your local programs like Microsoft Office (Word), text editors, Adobe programs, Outlook, or Mail.


Icon representing Dyslexie Workspace availability across various devices, including Windows and Apple computers, Chromebooks, and tablets.

The Dyslexia Workspace, tailor-made for Chromebooks and tablets. Sign in within the browser to access programs Document, Spreadsheet, and Presenter online, the typeface is within the programs. The Chrome Extension is included with the Dyslexia Workspace, for online reading.