Dyslexie Font 

Start working today with this amazing, effective typeface made especially for dyslexics. You can have a Lifetime of access as either a Home, School or Business user. Install the font (TTF files) directly on your computer(s), network and e-book.

The font can be used the same as any other (usable in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud a.o) but is uniquely designed for people with dyslexia.

Not for Mobile devices, Chromebooks or Tablets


Dyslexia Office

Dyslexia Office is perfect for making dyslexic friendly documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It's all you need to do your best work with additional functions aimed at making working easier. Use the Read Out Loud function, make documents in Dyslexie font and check out our guidelines on how to enhance readibility even more (background colour, font size a.o). Create, sync and edit across computer, phone or chromebook. All files are fully encrypted and secure.

With the online office suite, desktop office suite, mobile office suite, sync app and cloud storage, you are ready to read and work on a variety of devices. Trial it for free for a month, continue with a monthly subscription and cancel anytime.

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30 days free trial!

WordPress Plugin

If your website is built in Wordpress our plugin can offer your visitors the opportunity to convert the typeface into Dyslexie font and adjust layout elements (font size, font color, and background color) to enhance readability.

You can make Dyslexie font the default font or have it as an option for visitors to activate.
Several features will be added soon including – adjustable font color, spacing, interlining, a reading lineal and other functions.