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Throughout the years, a lot of ideas and initiatives where the Dyslexie font is included have come across. We are not able to show them all, but we will start new partnerships to include the Dyslexie font which can benefit you as a Dyslexie font fan.

Products with Dyslexie font

Dyslexie font Keyboard

The Dyslexie font keyboard is developed by Logic Keyboard. Interested in using one, please go to their website and select the Keyboard of your choosing. Available for MAC and Windows, European and US English setup.

Order Keyboard

If you are a school or business and you would order 10 or more keyboards, your keyboard can be delivered with your logo on it. Reach out to us or Logic Keyboard to get it organised.

Order the first Dyslexia friendly Keyboard

Books & E-Books

Coming soon! We will create a set of books available in the Dyslexie font. The majority of the books will be classic titles, that are on the book list from your school. That makes it ideal to get the books available for you.

The physical books can be purchased on Amazon, and the E-Books will be available for your totally free to use. Another way we want to empower the Dyslexic community.

books available in the Dyslexie font

WordPress Plug-IN

At Dyslexie font we see the need to get the Dyslexie font more accessible for everyone who needs it. With the easy plug-and-play plug-in, you can include the Dyslexie font in your WordPress website and support your website visitors with the option to switch to the Dyslexie font.

What does the plug-in do?

  • Dyslexie font, on / off
  • Adjust the font size
  • Adjust the font color
  • Change the link color

Download the plug-in
Dyslexie Font accessibility plugin for WordPress

Make your world accessible

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"My son and me think it is the biggest breakthrough for dyslexic children"

"I cried when I watched your video. I am 49. This font is the first thing I have ever seen that makes it easier to read. "

"This font makes it so much more easier for my 9 year old son to read and do school work. It brings a mother to tears just knowing his struggles is a little less when this font is available. Thank you."

"Thanks for this font. It's radically changing my life at age 54. I'm a prof, but have severe dyslexia. This is an amazing change for me."

"What you have done is truly amazing! Bravo! I am severely dyslexic, although I am well accomplished and have 2 university degrees. Your font makes all the difference in the world! Hopefully, future generations will not have to struggle as much!"

"I just wanted to say thank you. Well really shout THANK YOU. I have been using it for a few months. It seemed like such a simple font change when I read over what it was, and kinda rolled my eyes at it. I honestly didn't think much about it, until I accidentally shut it off. WOW!!!!! If I could I'd hug each and everyone of you. I've found myself reading the news more often as just surfing other websites.Thank you again."

"You have me in tears. My son is now 30 and in prison. I will be able to send him typed letters that he will be able to read easily. As a young child, I took him to a specialist for testing because the school wouldn't. She diagnosed him with severe dyslexia and learning disabilities. She taught him to read and writ when he was 10. Your explanation of dyslexia was exactly the way she explained it to me. Thank you so much!!! Developing dyslexie will make a HUGE difference in the lives of many."

"Hello, Want to say a very big thank you for the Dyslexie Font! My brother who is a Industrial Designer saw article about the Dyslexie Font. and now I am reading 10x better now then I ever did and I am 23.. As soon as I saw the font I could see a difference. My family keep asking is it really helping.. all I can say is YES! I just wanted to let you know that you have made a girl in Canada very excited and happy who can't stop smiling Thank you!Cheers "

  • For all devices
  • Share and Collaborate
  • Including Cloud Storage
  • Try 1 month for FREE

Included applications

  • Add to your existing programs
  • Install on your E-Reader
  • Ideal for Network installation
  • One-time payment only

Compatible with

  • Easily enter the online world
  • Convert hard to read Text
  • Adjust font, -size, -colour
  • Included in the Dyslexia Office

Compatible with

  • Free to use Dyslexie Office
  • Free to use Chrome Extension
  • For all devices
  • Get started immediately

Included applications