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Dyslexia Office

Dyslexia Office is a package of dyslexic friendly applications, available in several packages with a variety of sizes of cloud storage. Get your first month free and with our monthly subscription, you can cancel anytime.


First Month Free Trial


With Dyslexia Document – which comes with our easy to read typeface – writing, reading and working together can become much easier. Collaborate on documents online, create on your desktop or on your mobile device for convenient and easy access. Compatible with Microsoft Word and also available on your desktop as OnlyOffice.


First Month Free Trial



Use SpreadSheet for administration, to organize data or create complex formulas. Spreadsheet is compatible with Microsoft Excel, using the Dyslexie Font typeface making it easier to work with.


Present confidently and create beautiful, compelling slides in Presenter, compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Your slides can be easy to read, vibrantly designed with photos, graphs, and unique design features.

Mail client

Synchronize multiple mail accounts and have all mail in one safe place, configured in the easy to read Dyslexie Font. Open your mailbox without stress and work through your email with ease.

Chrome Extension

You can convert hard to read website texts into Dyslexie font; enhancing the ease of reading online. The plugin can be activated and deactivated according to your needs and allows you to change the font size and background color for a smoother reading experience. on any website.


First Month Free Trial


Your files will be safe, secure and encrypted when working in Dyslexia Office. You are the only one who has access to your files. The amount of storage space you get depends on the monthly subscription you choose. To create an offline backup for your files, use the Sync App folder to work with files offline.

Sync App

One of the unique features of Dyslexia Office is the Sync App, an offline, drag and drop folder where files created in Dyslexia Office Suite can be kept offline as a back-up. Migrate your files easily from Sync App to Word, Excel or OnlyOffice to continue working offline. Sync app works similarly to One Drive or DropBox.

Secure Your Data

At Dyslexie font we have taken care to make sure you don’t pay with your privacy. We don’t analyze your data and we want to provide you with a secure and safe experience.

The Dyslexia Office Suite is encrypted and has been designed with respect for your privacy, with the opensource software of NextCloud.