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Dyslexie Font is so proud to introduce, in the week of Dyslexia, the Free Dyslexia Office suite. You can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Dyslexie font. We are again one step closer to get the Dyslexie font available for anybody who needs it.

Tough decision

It’s now 5 years ago, we had to take the difficult decision to stop providing the Dyslexie font for free to home users. It was a change we had to take to continue working on improvements to the font and developing additional products. The result is that since January of 2020 we have launched the Dyslexia Office suite.


What is Dyslexia Office Suite?

The Dyslexia Office Suite is a full online Office application that can be compared with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Google Docs. You can log in to your personal dashboard where you can see all your created or uploaded files. It is fully compatible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You get a storage quotation based on your account type so you can access all your files from every location you wish. Besides writing and reading in the Dyslexie font, you can store your important working files and photo gallery. Accessible from almost every device with an internet connection.

Additional features that can be very helpful are:

1. Online E-Reader

1.a every E-Book can be read in the Dyslexie font
1.b adjust the font color from your E-Boob
1.c adjust the background color for optimal reading

2. Share and Collaborate your document

2.a Share with password protection
2.b Adjustments in the document can be seen live

3. All documents auto-saved 

4. Video Talk functionality

5. Email client with Dyslexie Font

6. Accessibility options (black theme) and Dyslexie font

7. Mobile APP to have access to all your files

8. Ideal to use as a Dropbox function

9. Your documents are very high secured. We do not analyze your data!


Free Dyslexia Office suite

In October 2021 we have launched the Free Dyslexia Office suite. This allows you to Write and Read in the Dyslexie Font. Share and Collaborate your documents and use the Accessibility options.

Your cloud storage is very limited but enough to create a lot of text documents.

What is not included in the Free Dyslexia Office are the E-Reader, Video Talk options, and Email Client.

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Placed by Robert Walder - Date 2022-05-12

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