NEW! Dyslexia Office Suite

Dyslexie font is going to a higher level - the Cloud! Read, work and learn with more ease, wherever you are and on every device.

How great would it be if…
  • you had access to an online office suite using Dyslexie font, compatible with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, on all devices including iPhone, iPad and Chromebook?

  • the special Dyslexia Office Suite would be compatible with Microsoft Office and could be easily shared for collaborative documents?

  • you could save photos and data on an extremely secure platform that no one else had access to, and where your privacy would be fully guaranteed?

Great news: Dyslexia Office is on its way!

Technology and the digital world are moving rapidly, as are we. At Dyslexie font we are continuously looking for new ways to enable easier reading, working and learning; searching for solutions that offer the security needed in our digital age.

With Dyslexia Office you will have online access to office programs across devices including – iPhones, iPads and Chromebooks. In addition, you can save photos and data on the extremely secure and progressive Cloud platform. You will be the only one who can see your files, no one but you has access to this space.

Dyslexia Office features

Dyslexia Text
With Dyslexia Text, which includes the especially designed Dyslexie font, writing and reading will become much more convenient. Dyslexia Text is compatible with Microsoft Word and files can be easily shared for working simultaneously with others.


Use spreadsheets to keep record of your expenses, make budgets or to work with formulas. Spreadsheets is compatible with Microsoft Excel with increased readability due to the Dyslexie font.

Present with confidence and create compelling presentations in Presenter, compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint. Make your slides easier to read and comprehend, create beautiful designs, add pictures, graphs and other unique elements.

Photo and data storage
Save all your files, photos and data encrypted on the super secure Cloud platform. You are the only one with access to your files. Your privacy will be fully guaranteed, not even Dyslexie font has access. Your data is completely safe!

DyslexiaOffice is on its way!

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